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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Doctor Who Christmas Special

Writing a Doctor Who Christmas special must be a pretty thankless task.

It has to topical (not that easy really), different from the previous however-many-there-have-been and feature a guest celebrity who may not be able to act much as has to be shown in a good light.

I imagine when Steven Moffat asked round the office to see who'd like to pen it he found everyone had to go home early.

Within those limitiations though I enjoyed it. A bit obvious, but the jokes carried it over. The kids were a bit bored because there was no alien invasion, but the grown ups appreciated it.

Yes it would have helped if it had been realised a bit less literally; if the sets had suggested Dickensian London rather than looking like the back lot form a BBC costume drama, if 'Clive' had been a flying alien monster that suggested a shark and not a literal CGI shark and so on, but I'll pass on that. This sort of absurdist set design has worked before, such as in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

Finally though the Moffat-Smith-Gillian combination don't really need a script at all. The best stories of the last season (The Dream Master one, the Prisoner Zero one, the Van Gogh one etc) had minimal plots and were character led.

Hopefully Moffat will pen a Genesis of the Daleks or similar that will crown Matt Smith's incarnation in the blue box, but whilst we're waiting these character led adventures are great fun.

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